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The surrounding of Cuxhaven

The surrounding of Cuxhaven is called Cuxland and offers its visitors many possibilities for excursions. The attention should be paid to Bremerhaven especially- see other page.

The Old Land

The Old Land is located towards the city of Hamburg. During the blooming of the fruit trees, a trip on the “Obstmarchenweg” is highly recommended. The Old Land is 14.300 Hectare big and is the biggest adhered fruit producing region of Central Europe.


The small town of Otterndorf is also located towards the city of Hamburg. The historical downtown area has many sites to see. For example the “Kranichhaus” built in the 16. century or the yellow “Barockhaus” built in the 18. century invites its visitors to stay.

Bad Bederkesa

Not far away from the city of Cuxhaven, the North Sea Spa Bad Bederkesa is located. A Water Park, a moor thermal and a moated castle built in the 12. century are just examples what to experience in Bad Berderkesa.


The city of Dorum houses the Nationalparkhouse "Land Wursten" and a small cutter harbor.

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